CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction)

Cyber security threats can enter corporations through various methods, such as email attachments and download of files stored in a file server.Advanced, smarter security threats can bypass vaccines, sandboxes, and other existing security systems, inflicting enormous damages to companies.Content Disarm & Reconstruction(CDR)is a technology that prevents infection of malicious codes in advance.For security threats that bypassed vaccines or sandboxes, CDR completely removes the factors that are potential security threats included in the files, and then recombines them into safe files.Gartner, a global advisory organization in the field of IT, recommends using CDR as a solution for attacks that use file attachments.

Product Introduction

SaniTOXis a CDR solution which employs Jiran Security’s CDR engine that can counter unknown security threats by removing executable active contents (such as macro, JavaScript) and embedded objects (buttons, OLE objects) in the files and then recombining the disarmed files as safe files.


  1. 01   SaniTOX is equipped with our ownCDR engine, developed after many years ofR&D investment
  2. 02   Content Prevention Engine responds toa wide spectrum of threats via bya combination of antivirus and CDR
  3. 03   Supports integration with a web server,file server (FTP, SMB), etc.in a single appliance
  4. 04   Supports implementationmodels optimized for client’s environment- Appliance, Server, SDK



SaniTOX APPLIANCE is an all-in-one equipment that protects corporations and the public from advanced and smart threats coming in from various channels with a simple installation that does not require separate software settings.

  • CDR(Contents Disarm & Reconstruction) and Antivirus
    • Detects abnormal formats through document structure analysis
    • Removes active contents in documents
    • Recombines and provides the disarmed files as a safe file
    • Responds to known threats using global vaccine engine
    Flexible Policy Management
    • Setup of antivirus and CDR engine application policies
    • Notification settings for the disarming process and exceptions
    • Supports client-based in/outbound folder policy
    • Supports various languages (Korean, English, Japanese)
    Log and Statistics Report
    • File-based inflow and processing statistics
    • Provides system performance statistics
    • Provides processing reports about CP engine application
    • Provides security-related event and system audit logs
    Supports various integration methods
    • Provides interface for a convenient integration
    • Supports API for web server integration
    • Supports file server integration such as FTP, FTPS and SMB
    Supports various file formats
    • Supports MS Office 2003 & 2007+
    • Supports HWP
    • Supports various file formats, including PDF and image files
    Appliance Optimization
    • Hardware specs for optimal operation of CP engine
    • Supports vaccine and CDR engine update
    • Support for original file backup option (available soon)

Supported environments and file formats

Supported OS

CentOS 6, 7/64bitPython 2.6 / 2.7

Supported files

MS Office 2003 / 2007+HWP PDFRTFCompression file(ZIP)Image(JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIF, TIFF)