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      Secure Private Cloud Storage for Business



Secure Private Cloud Storage for Business

OfficeBox is a private cloud storage solution for business and it fits best for the companies who are looking for dropbox-like solution with the reinforced security features. With OfficeBox you will be able to accelerate and mobilize your workflow with the best of breeds technology.

   Why OfficeBox?


Connectivity = Put all your files together in one central location accessible from any device.


Flexibility = Easily share file with your team, clients and vendors from anywhere.


Security = Empowers teams to collaborate while securing confidential business information and minimizing risk.


Success in Japan = Secure 1st place in Japan Online File Transferring market share.







Key Features l Efficient Data Management



My Folder

Private area for user to manage personal files. User can upload file easily and quickly.

Shared Folder 

Secure workspace for internal collaboration. Only administrator can add multiple folders under shared folder and give permission for access.

Guest Folder

Secure workspace to collaborate with partners. User can create guest folder to allow space to co-work with external partners efficiently.


Auto backup local PC folder to OfficeBox and auto restore data in OfficeBox folder to local PC.

My Desktop (Remote Access)

Remote access to my PC drive via OfficeBox mobile app on-the-go.

File Versioning

Keeps multiple file versions to manage its history efficiently.




Key Features l Secure File Sharing


Internal Collaboration                                                                                                                                      

Confidential or classified data of company can be shared to only permitted people in restricted shared folder .

External Collaboration

Secure and easy to share files with multiple partners. User can create guest folders for each partners to co-work efficiently

File/Folder Link

Fast and simple way to share large-sized file or multiple files via one clickable link. Just create a link on the file or folder to share.

Online Viewer

Share files for only viewing mode via web browser. Receiver won’t be able to download shared files.



Key Features l Security Management



Access Control

Assign access permissions for file sharing activities to reinforce data security. Give user and groups permissions to read/write/create files in specified folders.


Real-time Monitoring

OfficeBox supports file, file/folder link and login logs for monitoring user and file activity to reinforce security.

Security Policy Setup

Various policy options such as timeout, lockout settings and password policy, file link period restriction are available to manage data securely.

Password Policy

Provides 3 level of password policy to reinforce password security.




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