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The First Unified Threat Management

Endpoint Protection Solution

Is Your Endpoint Data Safe?

If you keep the following practical advices for data management, initial protection of outsider threat is possible.

Checklist to Protect Corporate Data & Secure Business Continuity

Install Anti-virus

  • Latest anti-virus engine database will be  protecting endpoint from global known malwares.

Be Careful in Malicious Email (URL and Attachment)

  • Most of the virus and ransomware infection happens through social engineering technique. Be careful of opening infected attachment or clicking website URL which attempts for malware hosting.

OS and Software Always Up-to-date

  • Old version of OS and application is difficult to block latest cyber attacks which attempts to break into system. Ensure your PC is up-to-date and configured correctly.

Always Backup Important Data

  • Backup your data in PC local or physically located in separate storage to secure data from unexpected incident such as nature disaster or external factors.

Data Loss Prevention ( DLP)

  • Exosphere detects and prevents the unauthorized use and transmission of the organization’s confidential information through the deep content awareness on the endpoint.

Anti Virus

  • Web Protection
  • Anti Malware


Data Protection

  • Block Potential Ransomware
  • Detect Suspicious Behavior
  • Predict Suspicious Data Theft Behavior


PC Healthcheck

  • Windows Latest Update
  • Software Version Check
  • Patch Management (coming soon..)


Device Control

  • External Device Control
  • Printout Control


Application Control

  • File Transfer Control
  • Block Unauthorized App Execution


Data Discovery & Protection

  • Real-time Sensitive Data Detection
  • Auto Encryption for Sensitive File


Backup & Recovery

  • Backup Data in Separate Storage
  • Recover Data by Revision

Why Exosphere?

Protect corporate data from outsider threats.

Monitor and manage suspicious process or behavior attempts to access file.

Detect sensitive data in endpoint and auto encrypt to protect for data leakage accident.

Manage personal information in PC securely to meet the PIP compliance requirements.

Protect endpoint from cyber attacks without IT expert/team.

Provide powerful performance and stable operation by regular updates and management.

Exosphere protects against all critical attack vectors including advanced malware, ransomware, phishing, and insider threats. It combines this with the most complete layers of protection in the industry including PC healthcheck, web filtering, data loss prevention, and data backup & restore.


Web Protection

Exosphere web protection blocks malicious websites when user attempts to connect via browser. Exosphere provides safe internet environment to the user.

Advanced Anti- Malware

Exosphere anti-malware multiple detection methods are multi-layered approaches based on proactive and intelligent technologies. It allows you to access the real-time classification of known and unknown files and protection against malware and zero-day attack.


Exosphere analyze and blocks suspicious behavior attempts to access corporate data.  Administrator will be able to grasp real threats can affect to corporate digital assets.

PC Healthcheck

As over 99% of threats rely on known vulnerabilities, Exosphere induce to make sure endpoint system and application is up to date.

Device & Application Control

Exosphere detects and prevents the unauthorized use and transmission of the organization’s confidential information through the deep content awareness on the endpoint.

Data Discovery & Protection

Exosphere inspects sensitive data in endpoint by prior set regular expression and keywords. Detected sensitive data will be auto encrypted to prevent from misused or transferred by human error.

Backup & Recovery

Backup user files as a last line of defense against corruption by malware of ransomware.